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Composers - WebRing of classical and contemporary composers. These sites cover eras from the Renaissance to the present day includin

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WebRing of classical and contemporary composers. These sites cover eras from the Renaissance to the present day including Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Impressionistic, and different styles of  the 20th century.New Age and composers from other regions of the world can be found here.


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   Geoff Grainger's Composers of Recorder Music Preview Go
Provides information of more than 350 composers whose works were either directly for or have been arranged to be played on the recorder.
   Dan Phelps - Composer & Pianist Preview Go
The official website for composer and pianist Dan Phelps. Featuring music from his albums, Shadows, Reflections & Serenity.
   Vic's Music Site. Preview Go
New Music for Classical Orchestra: "Song and Anthem" - Free downloads in WAV or mp3 form. Free score on Sibelius6. Free video. Also "Spring Tide": Links to You Tube videos. Local beach on the South Wales Heritage Coast. Music on mp3. Scores on Sibelius4. Free to print and play. Also string quartet mp3 and scores. No pop-ups. No commercials.

   Atelier des Arts - Room of Arts. Preview Go
My musics for classical orchestra, guitar and other instruments in midi and mp3 formats.
   Was ist juedische Musik? Die Biennale Bern 2001 Preview Go
What means "Jewish music" when it comes to compositions not serving liturgic purposes. How do Jewish composers deal with the question of Jewishness? What are the self-images? Which are the outside-images? Debates at a biennial music festival 2001 in Swiss Berne, dealing with Jewish music. Website in German.
   The 'New School of Jewish Music' in Russia Preview Go
Radio script in German on a movement of mainly Russian-Jewish composers in the early 20th century, wanting to create an authentic Jewish art music.
   Only in America - Jewish Music in the New World Preview Go
The Milken-Archive for American Jewish Music collects and publishes religious and secular music of Jewish Origin. A conference in late 2003 celebrated the development of Jewish music in the New World at the occasion of 350 years of Jewish emigration to North-America. A Radio Script in German.
   Ueber das 'Arnold-Schoenberg-Center' in Wien Preview Go
Der Nachlass des Komponisten Arnold Schönberg wird im 'Palais Fanto', mitten in der Innenstadt von Wien archiviert, verwaltet und dokumentiert. Dabei zeigt sich, dass er nicht nur der Begründer der Zwölftonmusik war, sondern auch ein begabter Maler und ein ideenreicher Erfinder von Spielen, Werkzeugen und Haushaltsgegenständen. Hörfunk-Manuskript in Deutsch.
   Guillermo Silveira's Musical Compositions Preview Go
Music, poetry and recitals
   Saverio Mercadante Preview Go
The biography. Compositions. The catalogue CD.

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